Ring Pen Original

• Ergonomically designed to fit the hand. Simply place index finger through ‘ring’ and glide pen across page.
• Reduces stress and fatigue on the fingers and wrist by providing ridged support for the index finger.
• Easy to use, no need to grip tight, just guide & glide the tip with your finger and thumb.
• Relieves pain and cramping for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand surgery rehabilitation, reduced fine motor skills and writer’s cramp.
• Puts the fun back into writing!

Available in small and large sizes.
– SMALL SIZE (Green or Blue): fits students and adults with smaller hands/fingers
– LARGE SIZE (Black): fits most adult size hands


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The “Ring Pen Original” is a revolutionary writing tool that combines style and functionality. Designed with utmost precision, this pen is perfect for individuals seeking a comfortable and enjoyable writing experience. Made with high-quality materials, it is built to last and will become your go-to pen for any writing task.

The ergonomic design of the “Ring Pen Original” ensures a natural grip, reducing strain on your hand and fingers. The unique ring shape allows for a secure hold and prevents the pen from slipping, even during long writing sessions. Say goodbye to hand cramps and discomfort with this innovative pen.

This pen is not only a pleasure to use, but it also delivers smooth and consistent ink flow. Its high-quality ink ensures clear and legible writing without any smudges or smears. Whether you are taking notes, writing essays, or signing important documents, you can trust the “Ring Pen Original” to provide an exceptional writing experience.

One of the outstanding features of the “Ring Pen Original” is its versatility. It is designed to be compatible with standard ink refills, allowing you to customize your writing experience. Choose between various colors and tip sizes to suit your personal preferences and needs. The pen’s sleek and modern design makes it an excellent addition to any stationary collection or as a stylish gift for someone special.

  • Ergonomic design: Provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand strain.
  • Secure hold: The unique ring shape prevents the pen from slipping.
  • Smooth ink flow: Ensures clear and legible writing without any smudges or smears.
  • Customizable: Compatible with standard ink refills for personalization.

Experience the joy of writing with the “Ring Pen Original.” Its combination of comfort, style, and functionality will enhance your writing experience and make every word a pleasure to write.

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Large – Black, Small – Blue, Small – Green, 1 Large, 1 Small Green, 1 Small Blue + 2 refills, 4 Large, 3 Small Greens, 3 Small Blues

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1pc, 3pc, 10pc


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