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The Pencil Grip, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic writing aids and therapeutic products. We’re dedicated to helping involved parents, teachers, and therapists. We strive to create products and resources that are unique, motivational, and responsive to the needs of our customers. Built from decades of experiences with paediatric occupational therapy, The Pencil Grip Inc., strives to continuously provide the highest quality products that help kids and adults. 

Instructions on How to Use The Pencil Grip

Free Chart of Correct and Incorrect Handwriting Positions

Includes detailed images & descriptions to help your grip!

Tips for Teaching the Tripod Grip

The proper, ergonomic way to hold a pencil. 

Which Grip is 'Write' for You?

Help understand the benefits of the different ergonomic pencil grips including The Original Pencil Grip, The Crossover Grip, The Jumbo Grip, and The Writing CLAW.

The Original Pencil Grip

Information on The Original Pencil- the #1 doctor recommended grip.

10 Reasons to use an Ergonomic Pencil Grip